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3 January 2017

Ruby & Sapphire  •  A Gemologist's Guide

Richard W. Hughes, with Wimon Manorotkul & E. Billie Hughes  |  2017

Designed as a companion to Ruby & Sapphire: A Collector's Guide, this massive volume is aimed specifically at working gemologists, appraisers and students. Based on Richard W. Hughes' 1997 classic, Ruby & Sapphire, this edition is fully updated. The product of nearly 40 years of firsthand experience and research, it covers every aspect of the subject from A–Z. History, sources, prices, quality analysis, synthetics and treatments, everything is here. With over 1000 photos, maps and illustrations and 3500 references, Ruby & Sapphire—A Gemologist’s Guide represents the most comprehensive book ever written on a single precious stone.

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Ruby & Sapphire • A Collector's Guide (2014)

1 January 2014

Ruby & Sapphire  •  A Collector's Guide

Richard W. Hughes  |  2014

Few gems capture the imagination like ruby and sapphire. This book removes the cloak of
 an otherwise secret world
. Drawing on a lifetime’s experience, 
the author ventures around the globe for the
 finest specimens, in the process allowing readers to discover 
the people and places where these rare gems are 
found, along with the story of the stones themselves. Throughout the text, Hughes guides readers with
 the steady connoisseur's eye, explaining what collectors should look for. For many pieces, actual
 auction prices are given, aiding collectors in their 
buying decisions. Illustrated with more than 300 color
 photographs, this is a visual and intellectual feast of
 the most delicious order.

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Book of Ruby & Sapphire (2012) • J.F. Halford-Watkins

1 January 2012

The Book of Ruby and Sapphire

J.F. Halford-Watkins  |  2012

Prior to the 1930s, ruby and sapphire were mysteries, arcane gems oft-confused with spinel and other look-alikes. Enter Col. J.F. Halford-Watkins. Living in Mogok for more than two decades, he penned several articles and an entire monograph on the subject of these rare gems. Sadly he passed away before it could be published. In 1994, Richard Hughes came across a reference to the manuscript. Patrick Streeter, grandson of G. Skelton Streeter, and great grandson of the famed London jeweler, Edwin Streeter, had mentioned the Halford-Watkins manuscript while writing his book, Streeter of Bond Street. Following up on that obscure reference Richard Hughes stumbled upon something truly fantastic, an undiscovered treasure of the gemological literature. Over ten years in the making, The Book of Ruby and Sapphire  is the realization of Halford-Watkins’ vision. Professionally edited and illustrated, it represents a gemological tour de force.

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Terra Spinel • Terra Firma (2010)

1 December 2010

Terra Spinel  |  Terra Firma

Vladyslav Y. Yavorskyy, with Richard W. Hughes  |  2010

Terra Spinel takes readers into the world of spinel through the lens and collection of renowned spinel dealer, Vladyslav Yavorskyy. Some of the world's finest spinels are featured in this book's pages as Yavorskyy travels to the most important locations. The traditional sources Burma (Myanmar), Tajikistan, and Sri Lanka are covered in detail, along with newer finds in Vietnam, Tanzania and Madagascar. This is not a gemology book in the traditional scientific sense. Instead, what it represents is a celebration of a rare gem and the places from which it comes. Stunningly illustrated, it is a must-have for any gem lover.


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Gem Books • Gemology Books • Jewelry Books • The Gemologist's Core Library

1 January 1998

A curated list of the most important books on gems, gemology, jewelry, mineralogy and allied fields.

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Ruby & Sapphire (1997) • Book Review Quotes

1 June 1997

Quotes from some of the rave reviews of the 1997 gemological classic, Ruby & Sapphire, by Richard W. Hughes.

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Ruby & Sapphire • Spinel • Auction Records • Part 2

1 January 1997

Part 2 of Chapter 10  from Richard Hughes' 1997 book, Ruby & Sapphire. It covers record-setting rubies, sapphires and spinels.

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