Huge Rubies & Sapphires • Big Time • Digital Devil #14

1 March 2001

Digital Devil #14. An exposé on massive "gem" specimens matched with bogus "appraisals." 

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Burma Ruby Mining • Heat Wave • Digital Devil #13

1 January 2001

Digital Devil #13. A tale of Burmese rubies, Burmese heat, a Shan princess and a Burmese general.

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Blood Diamonds Deconstructed • Blood from a Stone • Digital Devil #12

1 September 2000

Digital Devil #12. The subject of "blood diamonds" (conflict diamonds) quickly became a major story in 2000. Here, Richard Hughes casts a jaundiced eye at the subject.

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GE HPHT Treated Diamonds • Have I Got an Idea 4 U • Digital Devil #11

1 July 2000

Installment #11 of my Digital Devil column, once again going after GE and LKI for their HPHT treated diamonds.

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Synthetic Moissanite • C3: I C Thru U • Digital Devil #10

1 May 2000

Digital Devil #10. It was Tucson. Show over. The last supper. One of those marvelous evenings which Tucson regularly delivers…

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Emerald Enhancement Reexamined • Don't Forget to Flush • Digital Devil #9

1 March 2000

Digital Devil #9. Once again, we take a look at emerald fillers.

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Fred Ward Emerald Case • Holy Wars • Digital Devil #8

28 January 2000

Digital Devil #8. The Fred Ward emerald case killed his business and nearly killed the emerald business in the US. Here was my tongue-outta-cheek take.

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