Kimberley Process • Appeasement in the Diamond Trade

1 January 2004

In the year 2002, the world diamond trade put into place a protocol known as the Kimberley Process Scheme, designed to address the so-called “blood” or “conflict” diamond issue. The following article looks at the potential impact of, and the lack of political consistency in, the Kimberley Process.

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Mark Twain • The War Prayer

1 November 2002

Mark Twain's "The War Prayer" (1905) is one of the most eloquent exposés ever penned on the folly of those who argue for going to war.

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Ruby, Pink Sapphire & Padparadscha • Walking the Line

1 July 2002

An examination of the problem of separating pink sapphire and padparadscha from ruby.

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Beryllium Diffusion in Orange Sapphire • The Skin Game

1 March 2002

The early history of beryllium diffusion in sapphire, starting with the 2001 appearance of large numbers of padparadscha sapphires in the Thai gem market.

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Lao Sapphire • Max Green, Ted Doyle, Gary Shugg • Looted Millions • Love & Hate

1 January 2002

When Max Green set about looting trust fund accounts in Australia, he had no idea it would lead to a sapphire mine in Laos… and a dead body in Cambodia.

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Ruby Connoisseurship • Seeing Red

1 November 2001

A loving look at ruby – the gem of passion – from the standpoint of the connoisseur.

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Gems & Junkies in Burma • Gem Smuggling • Conspiracy Theory

1 September 2001

A look at the nexus between gem smuggling and drug smuggling out of Burma (Myanmar), along with the two-faced policies of certain Western governments.

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