Opal and Diamonds • Fun Down Under • Digital Devil #7

1 November 1999

Digital Devil #7. The believe-it-or-not story of Australia's Lenny Cram and his opal mine in a mason jar.

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GE HPHT Treated Diamonds • Carbon Copies • Digital Devil #6

1 September 1999

Installment #6 of my Digital Devil column, which discusses the introduction of HPHT diamonds into the market by Lazare Kaplan Inc. This one kicked up quite a stir. See the comments at the end.

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Whatever Happened to Romance • Digital Devil #5

1 July 1999

Digital Devil #5, where I transition from hard-nosed gemological gumshoe to lamenting the lack of romance and appreciation of beauty in gemology.

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Eulogy to Gerry Rogers • Crying Uncle • Digital Devil #4

1 May 1999

Digital Devil #4. Genius is a funny thing. Those who possess it tell you it's just a matter of hard work, elbow grease, if you will. Those of us who lack it simply stand in awe – viewing a rare jewel – the sheer majesty of it all. In my lifetime, the closest I've come to that stuff is a man named Gerry Rogers.

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Tricky Dick's Guide to Web Design • Ver. 1.0 • Digital Devil #3

1 March 1999

Digital Devil #3. This column is for both those who know about the web, as well as them that have yet to understand its power.

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Internet Hell • Web Design • Digital Devil #2

1 January 1999

Digital Devil #2. It took me a while to realize that the editor wanted me to write about gems.

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Gem Dealers vs. Gemologists • Dogfights • Digital Devil #1

1 November 1998

Digital Devil #1: The fights between gem dealers and gemologists are legendary, with each side looking down upon the other. It's truly dog against dog.

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