Beryllium Diffusion in Orange Sapphire • The Skin Game

1 March 2002

The early history of beryllium diffusion in sapphire, starting with the 2001 appearance of large numbers of padparadscha sapphires in the Thai gem market.

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Gems & Junkies in Burma • Gem Smuggling • Conspiracy Theory

1 September 2001

A look at the nexus between gem smuggling and drug smuggling out of Burma (Myanmar), along with the two-faced policies of certain Western governments.

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Sapphire Connoisseurship • Judging Sapphire • Passion Fruit

1 March 2001

Sapphire is one of the classic gems. In this article, Lotus Gemology's resident connoisseur casts a discerning eye at the factors that contribute to quality in this legendary precious stone.

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Russia Jade Mines • Khakassia, Kazakhstan & Polar Jade

1 October 2000

Jadeite jade is a stone intimately associated with Burma (Myanmar). But there are deposits in other countries. This article details Russia's jadeite deposits in the Polar Urals and Khakassia.

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Synthetic Moissanite • C3: I C Thru U • Digital Devil #10

1 May 2000

Digital Devil #10. It was Tucson. Show over. The last supper. One of those marvelous evenings which Tucson regularly delivers…

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Emerald Enhancement Reexamined • Don't Forget to Flush • Digital Devil #9

1 March 2000

Digital Devil #9. Once again, we take a look at emerald fillers.

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Fred Ward Emerald Case • Holy Wars • Digital Devil #8

28 January 2000

Digital Devil #8. The Fred Ward emerald case killed his business and nearly killed the emerald business in the US. Here was my tongue-outta-cheek take.

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