Emerald • Opticon Treatment • Cloak and Dagger

1 October 1998

The Opticon treatment of fissure-filling treatment emeralds with Opticon became an issue of huge controversy in the late 1990's. This article takes a close look at it and asks if Opticon is actually that different from fillers like cedarwood oil.

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Gemologist Richard Hughes on Gemology • Colorful Language

1 May 1998

The following interview with Richard W. Hughes appeared in Australian Jeweller, May 1998, p. 10.

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Gem Books • Gemology Books • Jewelry Books • The Gemologist's Core Library

1 January 1998

A curated list of the most important books on gems, gemology, jewelry, mineralogy and allied fields.

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Mong Hsu ruby • Flux Healing Treatment • Foreign Affairs

1 August 1997

A description of the fracture healing of Mong Hsu ruby, along with the problems this has created in the gem trade.

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Ruby & Sapphire (1997) • Book Review Quotes

1 June 1997

Quotes from some of the rave reviews of the 1997 gemological classic, Ruby & Sapphire, by Richard W. Hughes.

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Ruby & Sapphire (1997)

1 January 1997

Ruby & Sapphire

Richard W. Hughes  |  1997

Ruby & Sapphire is widely acknowledged as one of the finest gemology books ever published. Not just an update of his previous volumes on ruby and sapphire, it represents something rarely seen in a technical book, a fusion of accurate science and spirited, accessible prose. Within its pages, one finds information on prices, quality analysis, sources, history, treatments and identification. Featuring over 300 color photos and 2500 references, this now out-of-print volume is today highly sought after by collectors and gemologists, who pay as much as $1000 or more for the privilege of owning a copy.

Sample chapters online

Out-of-print. Click here to search for a copy

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Ruby & Sapphire (1997) • Kashmir Sapphire • Corundum from India

1 January 1997

This is the chapter on ruby and sapphire from India (including Kashmir sapphire) from Richard Hughes' 1997 book, Ruby & Sapphire.

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