Gems & Junkies in Burma • Gem Smuggling • Conspiracy Theory

1 September 2001

A look at the nexus between gem smuggling and drug smuggling out of Burma (Myanmar), along with the two-faced policies of certain Western governments.

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Burma Ruby Mining • Heat Wave • Digital Devil #13

1 January 2001

Digital Devil #13. A tale of Burmese rubies, Burmese heat, a Shan princess and a Burmese general.

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Blood Diamonds Deconstructed • Blood from a Stone • Digital Devil #12

1 September 2000

Digital Devil #12. The subject of "blood diamonds" (conflict diamonds) quickly became a major story in 2000. Here, Richard Hughes casts a jaundiced eye at the subject.

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Gem Dealers vs. Gemologists • Dogfights • Digital Devil #1

1 November 1998

Digital Devil #1: The fights between gem dealers and gemologists are legendary, with each side looking down upon the other. It's truly dog against dog.

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Emerald • Opticon Treatment • Cloak and Dagger

1 October 1998

The Opticon treatment of fissure-filling treatment emeralds with Opticon became an issue of huge controversy in the late 1990's. This article takes a close look at it and asks if Opticon is actually that different from fillers like cedarwood oil.

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Gemologist Richard Hughes on Gemology • Colorful Language

1 May 1998

The following interview with Richard W. Hughes appeared in Australian Jeweller, May 1998, p. 10.

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Gem Nomenclature • The Name Game

1 May 1994

The issue of gemological nomenclature is one that has been hotly debated for decades, because an attractive name is a crucial part of marketing and selling gemstones. In this article from 1994, Richard Hughes takes a stab at the subject.

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