Gem Hunting in Mahenge & Tunduru Tanzania • Downtown

1 April 2008

Since the late 1960's, East Africa has been home to some of planet earth's greatest gem discoveries. And yet, little has been written about certain of these finds. In the autumn of 2007, the authors set out to fill in the gaps, specifically regarding Tanzania's Mahenge, Songea and Tunduru regions.

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Ruby & Spinel from Tajikistan • Moon Over the Pamirs

1 September 2006

A 2006 mission to remote ruby and spinel localities in Tajikistan.

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Beryllium-Treated Blue Sapphire • Lattice Diffusion of Corundum

1 March 2006

The use of high-temperature lattice-diffusion heat treatment with beryllium to lighten the color of blue sapphires.

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Yellow Sapphire ID • Passport to Obscurity

1 June 2005

The examination of a yellow sapphire provides a lesson in the power of gemological microscopy.

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Lao Sapphire • Max Green, Ted Doyle, Gary Shugg • Looted Millions • Love & Hate

1 January 2002

When Max Green set about looting trust fund accounts in Australia, he had no idea it would lead to a sapphire mine in Laos… and a dead body in Cambodia.

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Ruby Connoisseurship • Seeing Red

1 November 2001

A loving look at ruby – the gem of passion – from the standpoint of the connoisseur.

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Gems & Junkies in Burma • Gem Smuggling • Conspiracy Theory

1 September 2001

A look at the nexus between gem smuggling and drug smuggling out of Burma (Myanmar), along with the two-faced policies of certain Western governments.

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