Ruby & Sapphire (1997) • Burma (Myanmar) Ruby & Sapphire

1 January 1997

The chapter on ruby and sapphire from Burma (Myanmar) from Richard Hughes' 1997 book, Ruby & Sapphire.

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Burmese Jade Mines • Tracing the Green Line

1 August 1996

In 1996, several gemologists set off for Burma's remote jade mines, the first visit by foreigners since the early 1960's. This is the story of their epic journey.

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Burma Ruby • Pigeon's Blood • Mogok Stone Tract

1 May 1996

The author makes his first pilgrimage to Burma's Mogok Stone Tract, home of the pigeon's blood ruby.

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Burmese Sapphire Giants • Large Burma Sapphire

1 October 1995

A brief history of Burmese (Myanmar) sapphires, along with details of some of the major pieces of yore.

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Ruby & Spinel of Afghanistan • Balas Ruby & More

1 October 1994

This article discussed the ruby and spinel mines of Afghanistan/Tajikistan, in an attempt to shed light on one of the great gemological enigmas.

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Vietnam Ruby • The Quy Chau Ruby Mines

1 July 1992

A 1992 visit to Vietnam's Quy Chau ruby mines, the first by a foreign gemologist, along with commentary on US-Vietnam politics.

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